Delivery Hours

Wednesday-Friday 17:00-21:00 (20:30 L.O)

Saturday-Sunday   12:30-21:00 (20:30 L.O)

There is a ¥300 delivery charge on all delivery orders.

We offer delivery to the following areas (Minimum order one whole pizza)


Oji 1-6 chome

Oji-honcho 1-3 chome

Kishimachi 1-2 chome

Takinogawa 1-6 chome

Nishigahara 1-4 chome

Toshima 1-8 chome

Kamiya 1, 3 chome

Kami Jujo 1-4 chome

Naka Jujo 1-4 chome

Higashi Jujo 1-5 chome

Jujonakahara 1-2 chome

Jujodai 1-2 chome

Nakazato 2-3 chome

Kaminakazato 1-2 chome

Horifune 1-4 chome






Itabashi 1, 3, 4 chome

Kaga 1-2 chome



Komagome 2-7 chome

Nishi Sugamo 1-4 chome


​Shinden 1-3


Nishi Ogu 7-8 chome

Delivery Update


Category A: (within the Small circle on the Map)

Delivery orders within 3km from the shop will have a ¥300 delivery charge added on to the total amount.


Category B:(within the Large circle on the map)

Delivery orders more than 3km from the shop and within 5km will have a ¥500 delivery charge added on to the total amount. Please note that orders that apply to category B must total over ¥5000 excluding the delivery charge.


Category C:

Having a company party; a large gathering outside or at home? We can cater in a case by case scenario. Please note the following requirements to cater:


1. Must order 1-2 weeks in advance


2. The order must total ¥25000 


3. The destination has to be within 30 minutes by car; and although we do our best to keep our pizzas as warm as possible,customers must note that such orders will not be HOT HOT.


4. There will be a ¥2500 delivery charge.